Automate Accidental or Death Claims Process and Settlement

ALFRED’s AI Claims platform provides seamless and assisted journey for investigation audit, automation, risk & fraud analysis and payout settlement.

Unified Platform for End to End Claims Audit and Processing

Investigation Audit – Documents Extraction – QC – Risk & Fraud – Investigation Report – Claims Settlement


AI-Powered Investigation Audit Based on Intimation

Learning based engine to provide risk & investigation audit analysis based on claims intimation itself. Reduces investigation risk, time & cost.

Digital Claims Payments Header

Digital Claims Journey with Documents Processing & QC

OCR/ICR/Face & Video Recognition Inbuilt platform to process documents /reports (pdf, scans, handwritten) seamlessly and provide instant profiling & QC.


AI-Powered Risk & Fraud Detection Engine & Alerts

Industry & Client based risk & fraud detection platform. Location, News, Social Media, Trends, Agent, Nominee, FIR, Post-Mortem etc., based analysis.


Advance Due Diligence for Claims Payout Settlement

In-depth processing of historical learning, documents, reports and analysis based claims payout settlement with reducing risk and cost per claims.

Accidental Claims Risk Analysis

Watch how ALFRED’s AI Claims Platform provides in-depth risk analysis.

AI based platform that learns over period of time and provides unmatched experience for claims processing with reduced risk & fraud.

One Platform. All Processes.

  • Workflow and Dashboard
  • Instant Alert & Risk Profiling
  • Bulk Claims Processing
  • Digital Claims Journey
  • Investigation Audit Report
  • Claims Analytics

Learn how ALFRED’s AI Claims Platform Automating Accidental or Death Claims Process with reduced Cost, Risk & Fraud.